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Leicester Arms, 90 Stoney Stanton Road

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
This name probably refers to the fact that the pub stands on a route to Leicester, although it may also refer to the arms of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester and favourite courtier of Elizabeth I. In 1854 an inquest was held here. In the same year William Howe, brickmaker, mortgaged the pub to John Ralphs and Joseph Cash. In 1870 the executors of Joseph Cash sold the pub to W. Ratliff for £375. It remained a Ratliffs pub until 1899 when Ratliffs was taken over by Phillips and Marriott who valued the pub at £2,500. It changed from the Leicester Inn to the Leicester Arms around 1912. It closed in 1940 due to enemy action.


1912 - 1919 William Pickard 1919 - 1924 Hannah Maria Pickard 1926 - 1929 Mrs M. S. Pickard 1931 - 1932 C. H. Parkes 1933 - 1938 R. Orrell 1939 - 1940 T. B. Martin 1940 William Smith (see also Turks Head, Silver Street 1940 - 1961)
Leicester Arms
Street plan of 1939
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