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Live and Let Live, Deedmore Road

This sign originated in the mid-nineteenth century and was a comment by the owner on circumstances which he considered to be unfair, such as the opening of a rival pub, the loss of trade for one reason or another or the imposing of restrictions or taxes by a local authority, all of which would have been reason for making a public protest. However, this was a post war pub, a large spartan pub on a large council estate. It occupied a site on Deedmore Road where two cottages used to stand. It opened in 1960 under licensee, Basil Benn. The Live and Let Live pub on the estate was known locally as the Live and Let Die due to its regular violent incidents. It closed c1996.


1960 - 1961 onwards Basil Benn (see also Dolphin, Sherrif Avenue and Fox and Vivian, Gosford Street 1948 -50)
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