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Dolphin, Sheriff Avenue

Dolphin Canley The dolphin was looked upon by ancient seamen as a friendly creature who would help them in a storm by twining itself around the anchor cable. This would prevent the anchor from dragging and secure the safety of the ship. With such a reputation it is not surprising the Dolphin became a much used ship name, being used by the Royal Navy from 1648 to present. A dolphin also figures in many coats of arms, especially those of the Fishmongers' Company and the Company of Watermen and Lightermen. The license of the Dolphin in Cross Cheaping was transferred here after the Second World War . In 1941 this was a temporary hut, but in 1948 the present building opened in Templar's Fields. It closed in November 2012.


1950 - 1960 Basil Benn (see also Live and Let Live 1960 onwards and Fox and Vivian, Gosford Street 1948 - 50)
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