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Mermaid Tavern, Broadgate

Alternative Addresses:High Street
Historically the Mermaid Tavern was a famous pub in Cheapside in London. It was frequented by Raleigh, Beaumont, Fletcher, Donne, Ben Johnson and Shakespeare. But why such a nautical name in Coventry? In 1690 the pub appears in a record of the bounds of St Michael's Parish, spelt 'The Maremaid Taverne'. In 1696 there was a dispute between the mayor, Mr Palmer, and a Mr. Brownel over the ownership of part of the Mermaid. Then in 1729 it is said to have stained glass windows and lead pipes and gutters. I suppose these were status symbols at the time. In 1772 the 'Queens Ass', in fact a zebra, was exhibited at the Mermaid Tavern. In 1755, following Coventry Races, ordinaries were held at the Mermaid: that is a set meal at the same price for all-comers. In 1756 ten soldiers were billeted. By 1870 the premises were a paper warehouse and newspaper office. Broadgate West Side Late 1800s

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