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Mermaid Inn, 109 Gosford Street

Mermaid Inn Gosford St Historically the Mermaid Tavern was a famous pub in Cheapside in London. It was frequented by Raleigh, Beaumont, Fletcher, Donne, Ben Johnson and Shakespeare. But why such a nautical name in Coventry? At some time the Mermaid was owned by Bablake Boys' Hospital and a rent of 2s. was paid by William Gilbert. Later the pub was leased by Phillips and Marriott for £35 per annum from Kirby and Sons of Coventry. On 24 June 1902 they purchased it.


1822 - 1823 T. Baker 1828 - 1841 Charles Thwaites (Twaites) 1845 - 1851 Joseph Adler 1861 Thomas Sabin 1868 A. Copeland 1868 William Morgan 1870 James Moore 1870 - 1871 Charles Henry Sumner 1874 E. Wright 1879 J. F. Tomms 1881 Charles Blay 1890 - 1891 Julia T. Cooper 1893 Henry Andrews 1894 - 1896 Mrs. J. K. Cooper 1898 Charles Bailey 1902 - 1903 William Henry Smith 1904 Frederick Sutton 1905 James Mills 1906 Enoch Bradley 1908 Harriett Ellen Statham 1909 - 1940 James Murray


? Bablake Boys Hospital to 1902 Kirby and Sons 1902 - 1924 Phillips & Marriott
Mermaid Inn
Street plan of 1851
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