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Miners Arms, Aldermans Green Road

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Photo This name came about because of the number of coal mines locally. The first reference we have found is in 1815 when adjacent tenements were for sale. In 1874 it is recorded as just 'The BEERHOUSE', Aldermans Green Road.1926-27 the pub advertised 'Choice wines and spirits, prime ales and stouts, teas and refreshments. Bowling green and a large lawn suitable for children'. This all sounds quite enviable but this was the old Miners Arms, an intimate cottage-style inn built before the village of Aldermans Green was swallowed up by Coventry's urban sprawl. The new Miners Arms was built on the same site in 1968. It was a brick two-roomed pub with little to recommend it. It was demolished by 2010. Research by 'philex31' on the Historic Coventry forum would suggest that the Sephtons and their extended family had connections with many of the pubs in the Longford area: Boat (Blackhorse Road), Boat (Grange Road), Greyhound, Elephant & Castle, Miners Arms, Bird In Hand, Green Man, Old Crown (Windmill Road), New Inn, Saracens Head, Coach & Horses, Engine. Also, away from Longford were the Park Gate Hotel and the New Inn (Stockingford). The majority of the Coventry Sephtons appear to be descended from James Sephton, a canal boatbuilder, who arrived in the Hawkesbury area c1805 from Shardlow in Derbyshire. Somewhat at odds with this boozy background, other family members operated temperance hotels in the city centre (The Victoria, Warwick Row and The Priory, Bayley Lane).


1845 - 1868 Richard Barson 1871 - 1876 William Barson 1879 John William Jones 1880 George Simpson 1888 - 1900 Thomas Harvey 1904 George Howe 1908 John Goodyer 1912 John Welford 1924 Mrs. E. Welford 1926 - 1957 Ernest L. (or S.) Wilford 1960 - 1962 W. T. Shaw 1985 Alan Frisby These records do not tally with those of the Beerhouse, although the licensees appear to be from the same family, the Barsons, from 1845-79.
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Miners Arms
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