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MUOOF Arms, 1 Bond Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Well St 1930s The name Oddfellows Arms refers to the Independant Order of Oddfellows (Manchester Union), a social and benevolent society with branches throughout the U.K. and in many other countries. Active since the early nineteenth century it is said to derive its name from a remark made about the founding members. The pub was known as the ODDFELLOWS ARMS until 1886. From 1886 it was the M. U. O. O. F. TAVERN. In 1871 and 1881 it was referred to as the MUOOF ARMS. In 1888 it was known as the MU Odd Fellows Arms. In 1925 the license of the Oddfellows Arms, Bond Street, was surrendered for the opening of the new Rose and Crown, Stoke, which opened as a fully licensed house 21.12.1925. Previously the old Rose and Crown had only had an on beerhouse license. The full name for MUOOF was MANCHESTER UNITED ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS.


1881 M. Freckleton 1886 - 1922 Arthur Kelsey 1924 - 1927 C. J. Kelsey These records do not tally with the Beerhouse, 1 Bond Street
Street plan of 1893
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