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New Albany, 24 Albany Road

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Albany Hotel Albany Rd 1923
The Albany as it looked in 1923.
The youngest son of Queen Victoria was Leopold Duncan Albert, styled the Duke of Albany. Albany was a poetic name for Britain in the same mould as 'Albion'. Albany In 1907 the licenses of the Blue Pig, Gosford Street, and the Sun Dial in Lord Street were surrendered in consideration of a new license for the Albany Hotel and the pub was subsequently built. Albany Road, originally known as Earlsdon Road, was declared a highway on February 16, 1897. The following year, the Duchess of Albany visited Coventry to open St Thomas's church bazaar and the name was changed to Albany Road. The pub was built by Marston, Thompson and Evershed. Planning permission had been granted in 1903 for a much smaller pub than was actually built, which presumably explains why the site seems a little cramped. In the past this has been an extremely popular pub, especially with students. In March 2017 The Albany closed, but reopened as the NEW ALBANY in November 2018.


1909 - 1919 John H. Bates 1921 - 1932 H. Brown 1932 - 1951 W. M. Stockall 1951 - 1961 Hugh Henry Heath 1983 Annie Oakes
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