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Navigation, 771 Stoney Stanton Road

Alternative Addresses:Red House Road, Foleshill, Paradise, Courthouse Green, Birch's Bridge
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
1900?BEERHOUSE, Courthouse Green
Navigation Bill May Toseland
Bill and May Toseland, licensees from around 1962.
The word 'navigation' used to mean a canal (as well as other waterways) and the men who built them as 'navigators', shortened to navvies. This pub was close to the canal. In 1822 this pub was used for auctions. In 1900 this was the BEERHOUSE, Courthouse Green. This pub was owned by Phipps of Northampton along with two cottages on Bridge Street. It was rebuilt in 1926. At that time it was a real old canal-side pub selling Phipps dark and light mild. By 1985 it had become part of Mann's estate and had one through lounge cum bar. Then, strangely, in 1991 it became a Bellhaven pub. Bellhaven brewery was in Dunbar, Scotland. Soon after this it closed and, following an arson attack in 1999, it was demolished in 2002 to be replaced with a new building for Mutual Clothing & Supply Co Ltd.


1841 Edward Coleman 1841 James Rowston (previously at the public house, Enly [Henley]) 1845 James Daffern & blacksmith 1850 - 1851 John Nicholls 1861 - 1866 John Warwick & limeburner 1868 Mrs A. Warwick 1871 - 1880 Charles Archer 1888 - 1892 William Lole 1903 - 1913 J. Cakebread 1912 - 1940 William Walker 1955 - 1957 Leonard Percival Cross 1960 - 1962 Alfred Goodman c1963/64 Bill and May Toseland (see above, see also Broomfield Tavern and Fox and Vivian, Gosford Street) mid-late 1960s Clifton James Whitmore (see also Jolly Colliers) 1985 Marilyn Beales
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