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New Inn, 64 King William Street

These inns were once new, perhaps replacing older ones on the same site. Many new inns came into being in the sixteenth century as a result of Elizabeth I's policies. On 27th August 1852 a new license was granted to Henry Lee for this pub.The licensee between 1886 and 1896, William Hewitt jumior, went on to be a councillor and Mayor of Coventry (he died in office). He was Mayor when the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) visited the city in 19124. In 1926 this pub was sold by Charringtons. It is thought to have brewed its own beer at one time. In 1962 it had 'a comfortable bar, a delightful smoke room and a snug which the locals called the 'hen roost' as it was mainly used by the ladies'. The pub was thought to be over 100 years old at the time but it was soon to be demolished under the Corporation's redevelopment scheme. In fact it closed on 29th October 1970.


1852 - 1868 Henry Lee 1871 Barker King, licensed victualler & farmer 1874 A. King 1879 - 1881 William Dorrington 1886 - 1896 William Hewitt 1903 - 1913 Joseph F. York 1921 - 1922 E. Juggins 1924 - 1929 T. A. Downton 1931 - 1932 Mrs. M. E. Downton 1933 - 1940 F. J. Pickard c1952 - 1970 J. W. Bott (see clipping above)


to 1926 Charrington 1962 Bass
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