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New Inn, 57 Gosford Street

New Inn Gosford St Old These inns were once new, perhaps replacing older ones on the same site. Many new inns came into being in the sixteenth century as a result of Elizabeth I's policies. In 1756 two soldiers were billeted here. Between 1853 and 1889 it was owned by the Lea, Webb and Archer families. In 1889 the pub was purchased by Phillips and Marriott for £2491/10s/0d and in the same year was valued by them at £4300, including an attached shop. Around 1926 it advertised 'Private room used for monthly committee meetings of Coventry Works Angling Section. Always a good fire going'. Outside there was a water pump, next to which were some stocks. New Inn Gosford St In 'Coventry in Camera' Drew and Mealey described it as 'ramshackle and insalubrious'. It closed on 30th September 1967.
New Inn Gosford St Rifle Range


1822 - 1829 T. Glover 1835 - 1845 Sarah Glover 1850 Thomas Bant 1861 John Cluley publican & butcher 1868 - 1874 William Lea tailor & publican 1879 Mrs Lea 1881 Martha Wood 1886 - 1891 H. J. Harbourne 1893 J. C. Issit 1894 - 1902 Walter Edward Mealand 1902 - 1905 F. George Cracknell 1906 Frederick John Page 1907 Charles Henry Parker 1908 - 1932 William Dennis Kingston 1933 - 1934 Mrs A. M. Kingston 1935 - 1940 W. Lenton 1950s - 1960s Percy 'Bob' Boyson (see above)


1853 Henry I Lea 1853 Mary Lea c1853 William II Lea c1853 William III Lea, Emma Archer, Jane Webb 1889 Phillips & Marriott
New Inn
Street plan of 1851
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