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Newtz, Bayley Lane

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Newtz Previously The Newt and Cucumber, Bayley Lane. It later became a trendy wine bar called 'Bayley's' before being a restaurant. This was the name of a chain of pubs. Before the pub this site was occupied by St. Michael's Baptist Church, otherwise known as Hay Lane Baptist Church. It was destroyed in the blitz of 1940 and afterwards the cellars were filled with water and used as a temporary static water tank. This temporary measure lasted for 50 years. In 1990, whilst the lead-lined concrete base of the tank was being channelled for services and drains at over 3 metres below the surface of Hay Lane, the castle ditch to Coventry castle was found. It ran north-south parallel with the lane and under the listed houses on the east side of the lane and was said to be of a massive size. No other features survived at this immense depth. St Michael's Baptist Chapel, ILN 1856 It opened on 18th May 1993. The NEWT AND CUCUMBER was later renamed NEWTZ and later BAYLEY'S. Since 2015 it has been the BAYLEY LANE KITCHEN.

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