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Old Crown, Hawkesbury Lane, Aldermans Green

Alternative Addresses:Sowe
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Old Crown Hawkesbury La Over 500 pubs are called the Crown, reflecting the popularity of an inn sign that has been used for six hundred years. It has in its favour the fact that it is a simple visual symbol, easy to illustrate and recognise, whilst at the same time demonstrating loyalty to the monarch. From 1841 to 1874 see CROWN, Hawkesbury Lane. This pub was owned by the Earl of Craven. On 25 March 1882 it was leased to Phipps of Northampton for 30 years for £18 per annum. Phipps purchased it in 1925 along with a garden and a small piece of land with a frontage of 30ft. on to Lentons Lane. They charged their tenant £20. 10s 0d per annum. Old Crown Aldermans Green Rd


1876 William Holland 1879 - 1880 William West 1892 - 1912 Samuel Warwick 1924 John Borrows 1929 - 1940 F. E.Baxter
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