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Old Crown, Whitefriars Lane

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Whitefriars La through Gate 1890
Whitefriars Lane viewed through the gateway, 1890.
The buildings known as Whitefriars are the surviving fragments of a Carmelite friary founded in 1342 in Coventry. All that remains are the eastern cloister walk, a postern gateway in Much Park Street and the foundations of the friary church. It was initially home to a friary until the Dissolution of the Monasteries. During the 1500s it was owned by John Hales and served as King Henry VIII School, Coventry, before the school moved to St John's Hospital, Coventry. It was home to a workhouse during the 1800s. The buildings are currently used by Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry. Over 500 pubs are called the Crown, reflecting the popularity of an inn sign that has been used for six hundred years. It has in its favour the fact that it is a simple visual symbol, easy to illustrate and recognise, whilst at the same time demonstrating loyalty to the monarch. In 1801 this pub was To-Let as the CROWN.


1822 - 1835 William Gilbert 1841 Sarah Gilbert 1845 F. Bird 1850 Francis John Gilbert
Old Crown
Street plan of 1851
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