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Old Dyers Arms, 4 Spon End

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Old Dyers Arms Spon End Old Dyers Arms
This name comes from the days when dyeing was carried out on the banks of the River Sherbourne some centuries ago. The pub is thought to be at least two hundred years old. In 1979 it was 'an unpretentious working man's local'. Live folk music was performed in the back room in 1982. In 1984 Chris Arnott acclaimed the "small garden, but a good example of what can be done outside an inner city pub with a bit of imagination. Fairy lights and pop music..........swings for the kids.....there's a barbecue offering hot dogs, beefburgers and chicken portions most nights". Sounds very attractive.
Old Dyers Arms Kids Party
"Old Dyers Arms" 191 showing Bill Jackson and several regulars about to treat local children to a bread and jam party. It was put on by the Benevolent Society.


1828 - 1835 John Thrasher 1845 C. Hulm 1850 - 1851 Thomas Curson 1856 - 1871 John Bayliss 1874 C. Baker 1878 - 1889 Joseph Arch 1889 - 94 George Kaye 1894 - 1895 Alfred Bailey 1895 - 1903 Job Richard Collett 1905 E. Brown 1909 Charles Moore 1911 - 1913 E. Barlow 1919 - 1922 W. H. (W. A.) Jackson (late of the Plough Inn Spon Street)(see photo above) 1926 - 1927 A. V. Coldicott 1929 Cyril Leslie Maskery 1931 - 1932 W. Clifford 1933 - 1940 H. J. Morgan 1945 Mrs. Morgan 1945 - 1959 Thomas Lardin 1959 - 1960 Albert Newport (see clipping) 1982 Mavis Ogden


1878 Edwin Conway later Jospeh Arch 1960 Atkinsons
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