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Old Engine Inn, 270 Bedworth Road, Longford

Alternative Addresses:27 Bedworth Road, Longford Road
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18071886ENGINE INN
19852010CANAL BOAT
Longford Engine In 1886 the ENGINE INN was advertised in local newspapers as being To Let. The following year it was being referred to as the OLD ENGINE INN. In 1906 the Old Engine was purchased by Phipps of Northampton for £2,000. In 1982 it was 'a pleasant well decorated pub knocked into a single bar but with a seperate games area.' Were Mrs Anne Bedder (1876 - 80) and Mrs Anne Edwards (1885 - 1908) the same person, and likewise John (1910) and James (1912) Brindley were probably the same?


1885 - 1908 Mrs Anne Edwards 1910 John Brindley 1912 James Brindley 1924 William John Hodson 1926 - 1934 Arthur Albert Hodson 1935 - 1940 G. T. Ellis 1960 - 1962 J. J. Kelly Walter Clark Robert Trevor Matthews
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