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Old Griffin Inn, 140 Longford Road, Longford

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Old Griffin Longford Rd The griffin is a fabulous monster, supposedly the offspring of the lion and the eagle. Since it represented the attributes of the noblest animal and the king of the birds, it was much used on coats of arms. Families called Griffith or Griffin have been especially fond of using it. In 1772 it was advertised to let. Between 1863 and 1914 see the BEERHOUSE, 140 Longford Road. The pub is often referred to as the GRIFFIN. It was purchased on April 14 1914 by Phipps of Northampton for £1,150. The annual rent was £20 and it was let to J. J. Rogers from March 26 1907. The pub was rebuilt on the same site in c1921 and modernised around 1942.


1929 - 1934 Joseph Jesse Rodgers 1935 - 1938 L. P. Cross 1939 - 1962 J. Hilton 1960s David Marlow
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