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Old Shepherd and Shepherdess, Keresley Road, Keresley

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
2009presentOLD SHEPHERD
Old Shepherd and Shepherdess Inn These two were figures much loved by the pastoral poets, who often implied that the shepherd's existence was ideal. 'Shepherd' also has Christian significance, referring to Christ, or the spiritual leader of a 'flock'. On the evening of 8th April 1790 the landlord was laid in bed and his neice was in charge of tending him and running the pub, three boisterous men came in. They were Anthony Fanshaw, Thomas Phillips and Matthew Archer, who proceeded to rob the inn. They were later hanged for the offence. In 1936 a new pub was built behind the old one. The old pub was demolished but the cellars of the old pub still remain under the car park of the new one. The new pub boasted that it was the only one in Coventry with revolving doors to the 'vaults'. Old Shepherd And Shepherdess When the new inn was built just before the old one closed a reporter from the Midland Daily Telegraph visited and spoke to Daniel Osborne, an 82 year old who had spent his entire life in the village. He recalled the old days: 'Fine place that but it'll never see the sights we saw here. This used to be a big calling place for the farmers. All the horses were tied up outside and when the farmers had a pint or two we saw some fun!' Shepherd Shepherdess The name was simplified in 2009 to the OLD SHEPHERD.

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