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Old Stag, 20 Bishop Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18811882OLD STAG
Old Stag Bishop StThe stag is a male red deer in its prime, i.e. in its fifth year. Most of the signs refer to hunts, stag hunting having been a favourite royal sport in the past. Occasionally it is a heraldic reference. In 1835 see the BEERHOUSE, Bishop Street. Until 1881 it was referred to as just the 'Stag'. In 1982 it was 'instantly recognisable as a Mitchells and Butlers lounge bar created out of what was once a three-roomed pub.... there's an impressive dark wood surround and some genuine mirrors advertising Bass No1 Barley Wine and Atkinsons'. In 2010 The Stag was sold by Punch Taverns to the next door funeral directors, A. Pargetter & Son. It was to reopen as a free house under new licensees, Clive Hunt and Paul Barrow.


1822 - 1823 John Townsend 1828 - 1829 Joseph Hill 1841 - 1845 Thomas Barnes 1850 - 1851 James Nelson 1861 William Hill 1868 - 1874 James Hopkins 1879 William J. Walker 1881 Joseph or Joshua Jackson 1886 William Hopkins 1890 - 1893 M. A. Hopkins 1894 - 1896 H. Barnett 1903 - 1905 James Stringer 1909 W. Barnett 1911 - 1932 Johnathan Hewitt 1933 - 1934 A. Maiden 1935 - 1936 A. J. Denny 1937 - 1938 W. F. Ryder 1939 - 1940 Frank James 1982 - 1983 Larry Wynne 1993 Jim Holton 2010 Clive Hunt & Paul Barrow


to 2010 Punch Taverns 2010 - A Pargetter & Sons
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