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Old Tower Inn, 21 Cook Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Old Tower Inn Cook St
Ye Old Tower Tavern adjacent to Cook Street Gate in 1910.
This pub got its name from the fact that it stood next door to Cook Street Gate in the city wall. In 1835 it was the BEERHOUSE, Tower Street. The building is said to have been erected in the 16th century. It appears in Phipps Estates ledger so it must have been leased by them at one time. There is also a photograph of the pub advertising Cheshire's Windmill Ales and Stouts. The pub closed in 1915. It was later presented by Mitchells and Butler to the city council as a building of historic interest. As may be imagined, the council showed their usual interest in the built environment by demolishing the property in 1963. You can see why many of us maintain that the city council did far more damage to Coventry than the Luftwaffe ever did.


1850 - 1861 Thomas Pickard 1868 Robert Arnold, maltster & publican 1879 - 1881 Richard benson 1886 Alice Clarke 1890 - 1891 E. Clarke 1893 - 1896 Jame Wigston 1903 - 1905 Edward Lamb 1909 J. A. Kendrick 1911 - 1913 James H. Pratt
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