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Old Turk, 45 Warwick Lane

Alternative Addresses:46 Warwick Lane
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
16991886TURKS HEAD
18861896OLD TURK
Warwick La C1860 Warwick Lane, c1860s. The Turk's Head was up on the left, the Grapes on the right. Photo courtesy of Mick Pye from forum. Noble families whose members had taken part in the crusades tended to include a Turk's head as part of their arms. In 1699 there is an agreement for the lease of the pub. Then c1775 an abstarct of the title of G. Birch to it. The Turks Head adjoins the Red Lion. In 1907 the license is given up in consideration of the Justice's permission for alterations to the Old Ball Inn, Walsgrave Road. Between 1886 and 1896 this is listed as the OLD TURK and between 1903 and 1905 the OLD TURKS HEAD.


LICENSEES: (the TURK'S HEAD) 1841 - 1851 Robert Dalton 1861 - 1874 Samuel Goddard & bricklayer 1879 - 1886 John Edward Keene LICENSEES: (the OLD TURK) 1890 - 1891 S. Gimson 1893 George Bates 1894 - 1896 F. Blakemore LICENSEES: (the OLD TURK'S HEAD) 1903 S. C. Carter 1905 William Bennett
Old Turk
Street plan of 1851
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