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Packhorse, 5 Well Street

Well St 1930s This is a reminder of the horses which carried packs of goods in the days before canals and railways catered for bulk transport. Pack horses travelled in trains of up to forty and would have been a familiar sight on the roads. The men in charge of them would have been regular customers at inns seeking refreshment both for themselves and their horses. In 1756 four soldiers were billeted here. In 1871 a fifth share in the inn and its appurtenances was sold by Joseph and Charlotte Cross to Mary Ann Holt for £75. The appurtenances were two adjoining houses and several in the yard. The pub must have closed at around that date or it had become part of the ROSE INN next door when the two licenses were relinquished by Harriet Merridew in 1864.


1822 - 1823 F. Jackson 1835 Henry Simpson 1861 Harriet Merridew 1868 John Vice 1868 J. G. Cashmore
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