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Parkgate Hotel, Parkgate Road

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Parkgate This pub was named after a gate in the Abbott of Coventry's hunting park of Whitmore Park. It is mentioned as early as 1750. Parkgate Road was once a coaching route and it still contains a few Georgian cottages along with the hotel. The present hotel is the result of a major rebuilding in 1890 after a fire so that only the kitchen and storerooms to the rear are original, and it only became a public house in 1910 when the license of the PARKGATE TAVERN in Lockhurst lane was transferred here. In the early 20th century it was a simple ale house, frequented by heavy-drinking miners. I remember it in the 1960s as a multi roomed boozer with sawdust on the floor in the bar. In 1977 the pub swapped from M&B to Courage, later being bought by Manns and becoming an Arden Tavern. In the 1980s it was modernised, the lawn was large and neatly clipped and geese and ducks were kept, quite a delightful place for children. The birds had a particular liking for smoky bacon crisps! New Parkgate


1924 John James Robinson 1929 T. Busby 1931 - 1932 H. Madeley 1933 - 1934 T. R. Kibbler 1935 - 1936 O. A. Joyce 1937 - 1940 D. Hodgetts 1979 - 1986 Charley & Ann Platt
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