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Peeping Tom Hotel, 44 Hertford Street

Alternative Addresses:Bull Yard
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Peeping Tom Bull Yd The Peeping Tom on the corner of The Bullyard and Hertford Street, pre-war. During Lady Godiva's ride all of Coventry's inhabitants behaved chivalrously and kept indoors behind closed window, except one - the tailor who peeped at Godiva as she rode past. He was reputedly struck blind and gave rise to the expression 'Peeping Tom'. This pub was previously the RAILWAY HOTEL. There was a head and shoulders copy of Peeping Tom in the top window. The original stood in the Kings Head, at the opposite end of Hertford Street. This copy now stands at the entrance to the covered part of Hertford Street. After the Second World War the pub became G. E. Jones clothiers and was demolished in the early 1960s when the west side of Hertford Street was rebuilt.


LICENSEES: (the RAILWAY HOTEL) 1850 Thomas George Johnson 1851 James Ashes 1861 - 1868 Henry Parker 1871 Thomas Bills 1874 Mrs Hatton 1881 - 1886 Edward Wallen LICENSEES: (the PEEPING TOM) 1879 - 1886 Edward Wallen 1890 - 1891 G. Armson 1893 - 1896 F. W. Allard 1903 - 1922 Henry Edwin Wilford 1924 A. Buckland 1926 - 1932 S. W. Turner 1933 - 1940 Thomas R. Tudman
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