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Railway Inn and Spirit Vaults, 49 Hertford Street

Alternative Addresses:44 Hertford Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Peeping Tom Bull Yd The Peeping Tom on the corner of The Bullyard and Hertford Street, pre-war. The coming of the railways in the nineteenth century made a huge impact on life in Britain and this was reflected in pub names. This pub was renamed the PEEPING TOM.


LICENSEES: (the RAILWAY HOTEL) 1850 Thomas George Johnson 1851 James Ashes 1861 - 1868 Henry Parker 1871 Thomas Bills 1874 Mrs Hatton 1881 - 1886 Edward Wallen LICENSEES: (the PEEPING TOM) 1879 - 1886 Edward Wallen 1890 - 1891 G. Armson 1893 - 1896 F. W. Allard 1903 - 1922 Henry Edwin Wilford 1924 A. Buckland 1926 - 1932 S. W. Turner 1933 - 1940 Thomas R. Tudman
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Railway Inn and Spirit Vaults
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