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Pitt's Head, 65-66 Far Gosford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Pitts Head Far Gosford St William Pitt (1759 - 1806) was known as William Pitt the Younger. His father had been a popular statesman and Pitt followed him into parliament at the age of twenty two. He was prime ministaer at the remarkably young age of twenty four. He was renown for his debating skills but it was said that those who listened to him were always more aware of the speaker than the message. Pitts Head Far Gosford St Colour This pub appears to date from before 1800. The present building is two storey, in brick, with a parapet and of six bays. The door and carriageway are either side of four ground storey windows. Between 1874 and 1909 No 65 was seperated from the pub and was a chemist's shop. The licensee from 1845 to 1850 was John 'Fatty' Adrian, a local prizefighter. The pub closed in 1990 only to reopen in 1993 as the GOSFORD ARMS.


1822 - 1823 T. Bottom 1835 - 1841 John Smith 1845 - 1850 John 'Fatty' Adrian 1863 John Smith 1866 Joseph Radburn & watch escapement maker 1868 W. Kirkpatrick 1874 D. Claridge 1879 - 1893 Amos Statham 1894 Mrs E. A. Hyde 1896 Mrs Eliza Phillips 1898 Daniel Fisher 1903 Clara Moorfield 1905 Frank Farnell 1907 Thomas Groves & watch & clock repairer 1909 - 1913 Mrs Sarah A. Groves 1919 Thomas Holberry 1921 - 1935 C. Newey 1936 - 1938 F. E. Oxborrow 1939 - 1940 L. Taylor
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