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Plough, 27 London Road

Alternative Addresses:14 London Road, Top Of Much Park Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
17481825GREEN MAN
Plough As the Plough Inn. This is one of the commonest pub names in Britain, having been in use since at least the sixteenth century. Apart from the farm implement signs often show the group of seven stars in the Ursa Major constellation called 'the plough'. Before 1850 see the GREEN MAN. In 1853 the pub was owned by Mary Wickes, who leaves it in her will to her son, Thomas Wickes. The tennant is Robert Bates. In 1868 Thomas Wickes leaves it to his wife. This pub stood in a row of cottages alongside another pub called the Dog and Gun. They stood just outside the city walls.
The present pub was built between the wars. In 1983 it was described as 'a large modern road house with basic bar and plush lounge with real settees'. In 2010 it closed and became a Chinese restaurant. Plough London Rd


LICENSEES: (the PLOUGH) 1850 George Harris 1851 Mary Ann Harris 1853 - 1861 Robert Bates 1868 Golsby & Charles Cross 1868 - 1881 Charles Cross 1890 - 1891 Sarah Cross 1893 - 1896 William J. Cross 1903 - 1919 William Parker 1921 - 1924 J. W. Harvey 1926 - 1927 A. V. Harrison 1929 T. H. Sylvester 1933 - 1934 P. W. Burley 1935 - 1936 H. Johnson 1937 - 1938 F. H. Cattell 1939 - 1940 G. Ansell 1957 S. Rogers 1983 Stan Melling
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