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Priory Tavern, 58 New Buildings

This pub was named from its proximity to Coventry priory. The 1851 Board of Health Map shows this pub opposite the Cross Keys. In 1887 it was said to be 'in the new fashionable quarter'. In 1899 it was leased by Phillips and Marriott from J. Gulson of Stoke who stated that, 'They must purchase more ale than they brew', so at that time it was a home brew house. In 1905 it was purchased by Phillips and Marriott. Then in 1918 the license of the Hospital Inn, Stoney Stanton Road, was surrendered in consideration of the removal of the license of the Priory Tavern to a house in a new district. This new house was yet to open. In 1919 it turned out that the new house was the Barras House. The Priory Tavern closed on 10th February 1919 and the Barras opened on the same day.


1861 John Warwick 1868 J. Preedy 1868 - 1879 Thomas Taylor, publican & stonemason 1881 - 1886 A. Hewson 1890 - 1891 W. H. Higgitt 1894 - 1900 John Joseph Pinches 1902 - 1919 William Sagar


to 1905 J. Gulson, Stoke from 1905 Phillips & Marriott
Priory Tavern
Street plan of 1851
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