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Queen Inn, 40 Primrose Hill Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18681996QUEEN INN
Queen Primrose Hill St Queen Primrose Hill St This could refer to a number of queens - Elizabeth I, Victoria or Anne being the usual candidates. To 1868 this was the BRICKLAYERS ARMS. In 1928 the Golden Lion, Castle Street, was closed in consideration of the Queen. This must have meant that rebuilding or improvements were being done to The Queen. In 1985 it was 'a basic drinkers' pub in a basic area'. It was auctioned in 1996 and closed in 2010. It is now a West Indian Centre.


1868 - 1871 Thomas Dowse 1874 E. Barnes 1879 John Bonnar 1881 - 1886 Reuben Deeming 1890 - 1891 H. Roe 1893 - 1896 W. J. Penn 1903 -1927 Thomas Elson 1931 - 1934 G. E. Brownsell 1935 - 1938 T. Oswin 1939 - 1940 D. Buckler (see also Shepherd and Shepherdess, Keresley Road)
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