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Queens Arms, 60 Spon Street

Queens Arms Spon St This could refer to a number of queens, Elizabeth I, Victoria or Anne being the usual candidates. The earliest known reference to this pub is in a document of 1840. In 1906 it was advertising NBC beers but in 1911 the license was surrendered for an off-beerhouse license somewhere else in the city. It closed on 30th September 1911. The premises became the Coventry Hat and Hosiery Company. Comparing this shot to the 1851 Board of Health map, the Queen's Arms would appear to be the shorter building just before the taller three-storey building on the left. On the far right can be seen part of the Black Swan.


1845 William Stringer 1850 Joseph Mills 1861 - 1868 John Westley 1871 - 1891 Joseph Feltham 1893 - 1896 H. Sprayson 1903 Frederick Cumberlidge 1905 A. London 1909 F. Brain 1911 - 1912 James William Mason
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