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Queens Arms, 18 Cross Cheaping

Alternative Addresses:16 Burges
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
17561830KINGS ARMS
This could refer to a number of queens, Elizabeth I, Victoria or Anne being the usual candidates. This property was rebuilt at some time before 1791 with a modest Georgian brick front. It may not have been a public house at that time. Deeds refer to this building from 1518 and it was earlier called the KINGS ARMS. Was the name changed with the accesssion of Victoria? In 1865 it was part of the estate of Bablake School for which Thomas Winn paid £38 per annum. In 1885 it was purchased by Matterson, Huxley and Watson for £1,250. In 1899 Phillips and Marriott leased it for one year from Mattersons for £100 per annum with an option to renew for a further 7 years. This option they took up and they renewed for another 7 years in 1906. However, in 1913 the lease was removed to Mitchells and Butlers. In 1915 the pub closed. Photo
Cross Cheaping 1892


1841 Benjamin Bird (see also at the Engine Inn, Longford in 1850 and The City Arms, Earlsdon 1853 to 1872) 1850 - 1861 Thomas Breen 1868 James Griffin 1871 - 1874 Thomas Breen 1879 - 1881 Samuel Morris 1886 N. Bollan 1890 - 1891 J. Clifford 1893 J. H. Smith 1894 J. Wright 1896 Madeline Strong 1899 Emma Lindon 1902 - 1903 Joseph Charles Eggington 1904 - 1905 George Henry Eaton 1905 Joseph Cross 1907 - 1909 Thomas Cotton 1909 - 1910 Richard Moore 1911 - 1918 Mrs. Tryphena Moore
Queens Arms
Street plan of 1851
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