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Robin Hood, 18 Cox Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18221868KINGS ARMS
18681928ROBIN HOOD
Cox St Towards Swanswell Cox Street 1910. Robin Hood was a legendary outlaw in medieval England. His name is said to have spread in the nineteenth century as the Ancient Order of Foresters (founded in 1834) which opened new courts or lodges. Robin himself lived in Sherwood Forest with his merrie men and Maid Marian and acted like an unofficial tax collector, robbing the rich to give to the poor. To 1850 this was the KINGS ARMS, Cox Street. In 1889 it was purchased by Phillips and Marriott for £543 3s 0d and in 1899 they valued it at £1,250. In 1928 the pub closed in consideration of the removal of the license of the Empire Vaults, Smithford Street, to the Maudslay Hotel. The actual date of closure was 13th December 1928.


LICENSEES: (the KINGS ARMS) 1822 - 1823 W. Grove 1828 - 1829 John Pickering 1850 - 1851 Thomas Cooper to 1862 Charles Green from 1862 Thomas Poultney LICENSEES: (the ROBIN HOOD) 1868 J. Smith 1868 George Harris & Thomas Pool 1871 Emily Haycock 1874 - 1886 Richard Hands 1890 - 1891 Eliza Smith 1893 J. Athersuch 1894 - 1896 Mrs. E. Neale 1897 - 1909 Joseph Morton 1911 - 1913 Joseph Smith 1914 - 1929 Thomas Bates


from 1889 Phillips and Marriott
Robin Hood
Street plan of 1851
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Robin Hood
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Robin Hood
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