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Rocket, Warwick Road

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
What might be the only copy of this photo in existence, and possibly the earliest ever view of the
Railway Hotel and the goods yard from around 1860 and the Bull Fields which pre-date the railway.
George Stephenson (1781 - 1848) was an English engineer. In 1814 he constructed a travelling steam engine and in 1829 his most famous locomotive, the Rocket, winner of the Rainhill trials and hence adopted by the Manchester to Liverpool Railway. This pub was previously the RAILWAY REFRESHMENT ROOMS. RocketIn 1983 it was called 'an identikit through lounge-bar' where there was once a 'cluster of little rooms at the front as well as an outdoor'. It had closed by 2010, then reopened again for a short while before closing for good in 2014. Plans to incorporate the Rocket/Railway Hotel buildings in to a new 'side' entrance to the whole redeveloped area from Warwick Road were sadly dismissed and the pub was demolished. Anything of any intrinsic or historical value was salvaged and used in other projects. The once popular sports boozer was flattened as part of the regeneration work around Coventry railway station in June 2015.


1983 Matthew Moten 1988 - 1991 Bill Ross
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