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Railway Hotel, 103 Warwick Road

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Possibly the earliest ever view of The Railway Refreshment Rooms on Warwick Road from around 1860, showing the goods yard with the Bullfields beyond, and the City's spires in the distance.
The coming of the railways in the nineteenth century made a huge impact on life in Britain and this was reflected in pub names. It was built as the RAILWAY STATION REFRESHMENT ROOMS, later going under any number of combinations of these words and others. In 1879 it was the MIDLAND REFRESHMENT ROOMS, the word Midland coming from the Midland Railway Company. Then from 1886 to 1909 it was the RAILWAY HOTEL AND REFRESHMENT ROOMS. In c1966 this was renamed the ROCKET, which at least is a little shorter. This surely followed the 1901-03 extension to Coventry station which included its own 'Refreshment Room'.


1871 - 1874 Berkeley William Hicks, publican and railway refreshment rooms keeper 1881 Mrs. Hicks 1886 - 1891 C. Sumner 1893 - 1896 T. Sumner 1903 - 1909 A. W. Edge 1911 - 1913 A. Judge 1919 - 1934 George Samuel Johnson 1937 - 1940 Mrs. G. S. Johnson
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