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Rose and Crown, 163 Hall Green Road, Bell Green

Alternative Addresses:Bell Green, Foleshill
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Rose Crown Hall Green Rd Rose Crown Hall Green RdThe photo above, taken in about 1906 by the Express Photo Co, is reproduced from "The Coventry we have lost" by Albert Smith and David Fry. It shows the original Rose & Crown at the junction of Bell Green Road and Hall Green Road, apparently taking delivery of ale. First mentioned in 1832 as the setting for an inquest into the death of a chap called Brown. The building, was replaced in 1958 with the current modern building set back further from the road (see photo above). This sign indicates loyalty to the monarch and to England and has done so since the early seventeenth century. The pub was used for auctions in 1838. In 1874 and 1876 this is listed as the CROWN. In 1896 this pub was purchased by Phillips and Marriott along with the Royal Oak, Stoney Stanton Road from William and Emma Brain for £3,000. In 1899 they valued the Rose and Crown at £1,750, including a cottage.
Rose Crown Hall Green Rd The current modern building built in 1958 is set back further from the road than the 19th century original. Rebuilt in 1958, by 1979 it had become a large modern pub in the typical M&B estate pub mould.


1841 - 1845 Joseph Marston 1850 - 1851 Richard Stephens 1861 Thomas Deeming 1871 - 1880 Edward Chaplin 1888 - 1892 William Henry Salmons 1895 - 1908 Mark Cotton 1908 Joseph Clarke 1909 - 1910 Elizabeth Clarke 1912 - 1918 John Valentine Clarke 1921 Alfred F. Thrasher 1922 William Phillip Parker 1924 Mrs. Laura Clarke 1929 - 1940 O. J. Docker 1960 and onwards William McCleary (see above and also Golden Eagle, Foleshill 1952 - 1960)
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