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Royal Hotel, 314 Old Church Road

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
c1859presentROYAL HOTEL
Royal Hotel Old Church Rd This name is a simple statement of loyalty to the monarchy. Before 1859 this was the HELP ME THROUGH THE WORLD. In that year the bench refused the license of Johnathan Smith for the ROYAL HOTEL. This is a large old-fashioned pub with many small rooms. It was the site of Spencer's Rock Brewery until 1912. It has a complete set of Phillips & Marrriotts windows. In March 2013, twin brothers Jason and Kevin Keenan bought the lease from Punch Taverns and spent £126,000 revamping the 200 year old pub saving it from closure. The pub, closely associated with the former Courtaulds factory nearby features pictures on the wall of prominent local figures from down the years. See more here.


1859 - 1861 Johnathan Smith beerhouse keeper & maltster 1868 Charlotte Archer 1868 Jessie Goode 1874 - 1892 Michael Spencer (Holmes) & brewer & yeast dealer 1894 Samuel Hadden 1910 Thomas Kelly 1912 Thomas George Pritchard 1924 Harry Greaves 1929 - 1932 A. Buckland 1933 - 1940 H. Perkin 1982 Ernie Rigby 2013 Jason and Kevin Keenan
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