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Salutation, 2 London Road

Alternative Addresses:29 London Road, Much Park Street, Misford Street
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Salutation In mediaeval times the first inn outside New Gate on the city walls was the Salutation. It is said that it got its name because of its proximity to the shrine of Our Lady of the Tower, owned by the Whitefriars Monastery. Dugdale states: 'This Chapell is in the tower of the Cittye Wall without New Gate close by the roadway leading towards London. On the outside thereof was a picture of the blessed Virgin, richly painted, and within an image and her altar, whereat most travellers which passed by did offer more or lesse, out of confidence that their journey would be better blest'. So travellers who passed that way would make an offering or pray at the shrine in the belief that their journey would thus be blessed with good fortune. It was the practice of people who passed the shrine daily to salute it. Hence the nearby inn gained the name 'Salutation'. Following the dissolution of the monasteries the name came to mean a greeting to the city, as this was one of the first pubs encountered when approaching along the London Road. In 1756 three soldiers were billeted here and in 1780 a reward was offered for the apprehension of robbers who had accosted the landlord, Richard Armstrong. In 1899 it was leased by Phillips and Marriott for 21 years for £60 per annum from James Warden of Walsgrave. They could purchase the pub for £1,600 during the term of the lease. In 1926 & 1927 the name was mis-spelt in directories as 'Salvation'. It was demolished on 21st December 1962 to make way for the building of the London Road section of the Ring Road.


1780 Richard Armstrong 1822 - 1823 T. Pearson 1835 Daniel Claridge 1841 George Yardley 1850 Joshua Clarke 1850 - 1855 N. Charnock 1861 Joseph Taylor 1868 - 1871 George Burnett 1879 - 1881 William Franklin 1886 - 1891 C. J. Vincent 1893 - 1894 A. Loudon 1896 Jonathan Frazier 1900 Richard Reading 1902 Charles Bass 1903 David Gamble 1904 - 1905 L. Hughes Clarke 1905 Horace Henry Yandell 1906 - 1910 John Morley 1910 Eliza Morley 1911 - 1922 Robert Brown 1929 - 1934 J. C. Gaynor 1935 - 1940 W. J. Weir 1955 - 1957 Frederick Matty 1960 - 1962 J. E. Abel


1899 James Warden, Walsgrave on Sowe
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