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Shoulder of Mutton, Hall Lane, Walsgrave-on-Sowe

Walsgrave Hall La MonumentAnsty Road, Walsgrave-on-Sowe between the wars. Ahead is the WW1 monument on the corner of Hall Lane, and on the right is the church of St. Mary. A shoulder of mutton was a popular dish at inns. In some inns it may have indicated that the innkeeper was also the local butcher. In 1800 the pub was used for auctions. In 1899 this pub was owned by Ratliffs. When they were taken over in that year, it became a Phillips and Marriott's pub and they valued it at £750. Walking round the corner from the Red Lion it used to stand half way up Hall Lane. I have read that it had 'a very big room and a bar. It was the biggest pub in the village' and also that it was 'a little pub from the previous century' so you takes your pick! It was eventually turned into two cottages and knocked down during the war. You went up three steps from the road and outside was a shed for carts and the stables. The longest serving landlord was William Curtis and he didn't get much custom, so he used his horse and cart for carting. He used to go to Coventry to cart bricks and all kinds of things to make a living. Mrs. Curtis was a funny old lady. If you didn't drink fast enough you wouldn't be made welcome. One day Bill Brown took his double-barrelled shotgun in and when she started carrying on he stuck it up the chimney and set off both barrels. You couldn't see anything for soot and it drifted up towards Walsgrave Hall like a blanket. The license was surrendered for Foleshill Old Hall and the property sold.


1845 John Barr 1863 Mrs. Mary Adcock 1866 Richard Jackson 1892 - 1904 William Curtis & carrier 1911 - 1912 James William Atkins
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