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Stag and Pheasant, 13 Lockhurst Lane

Alternative Addresses:31 Lockhurst Lane
Stag Pheasant Lockhurst La Stag Pheasant Lockhurst La 2010 The stag is a male deer - especially a red deer - in its prime, i.e. in its fifth year. This name is probably a reference to country sports, viz. hunting. In 1913 the pub was owned by Phipps of Northampton and their tenant was Frank Stringer, Chairman of Coventry City Football Club. By 1982 it was owned by Arden Taverns who did a chic and stylish renovation with a 1920s theme. The Stag and Pheasant in March 2010. (Photo courtesy of Cliff Jones.)


1835 Thomas Glaze 1841 - 1850 Charles Addington & baker 1863 William Rowley & farmer 1866 Matthew Dalton & plumber, painter & glazier 1874 Robert Payne 1876 - 1880 Arthur Lucas 1888 Mrs. Mary Lucas 1892 - 1905 John Warner 1909 - 1912 George Moore 1913 - 1953 Frank Stringer 1953 - 1961 John Stringer (son) 1961 onwards Frederick. W. J. Taylor (see clipping above, see also Prince of Wales, Thomas Street)
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Stag and Pheasant
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Stag and Pheasant
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