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Three Tuns Commercial Hotel, 1 Warwick Row

Alternative Addresses:Hertford Street, Bull Yard
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
?presentBAR INCA
The original Three Tuns Commercial Hotel during Thomas Pegg Furman's tenure.
Three Tuns c1950s A tun is a large cask containing wine or other liquids, with a capacity of two pipes, or four hogsheads, or 252 old wine gallons. Three tuns appear on the arms of the Worshipful Company of Vintners and the Worshipful Company of Brewers. This was a coaching inn supposedly dating back to c1750. To 1899 it was owned by Ratliffs. On their take over in that year it was owned by Phillips and Marriott. At the time they valued it at £4,000.
Three TunsThe Warwick Row building was demolished as part of the general post-war redevelopment of the city centre and replaced by a new building, opened in 1966 which incorporated a relief mural by William Mitchell in concrete and pebble aggregate in the Bull Yard In 1982 Chris Arnott wrote that 'it's like drinking in a large packing case with windows. The designer apparently modelled it on the lines of a warehouse. The idea is to make it look basic and down-to-earth, so there's sawdust strewn across the tiled floor, there's genuine gas lighting, wood veneer benches and hand pumps on the bar'. The upstairs function room had a bar and regular discos. The licensee at this time was Martin McKeown. The premises were later converted to an indian restaurant and renamed. The mural is a grade II listed structure, but its future is somewhat in doubt. Coventry Council have announced plans to redevelop the Bull Yard area of the precinct in which this mural can be found. A flickr site of images is here, but I wouldn't bother too much. It's all fairly standard developer stuff; bland and non location specific, promising blue skies, bright colours and smiling people, but in reality delivering the same old, same old... NO PUBS! Still we have it on pretty good authority that the mural will be saved and incorporated into the new scheme, maybe hidden away on an inside wall somewhere so it can avoid the worst of the Midlands weather.


1822 - 1841 Charles Shettle 1850 Mary Shettle 1861 William Gilbert 1868 - 1871 Arthur Hough 1874 - 1879 Jonas Keartland 1881 Mrs T. J. Keartland 1886 - 1893 E. Keartland 1894 Mrs E. Keartland 1896 Joseph Petty 1900 Elizabeth Mary Pitt 1901 H. W. Thomas 1902 - 1905 Walter Chatland 1906 - 1912 Thomas Yarnold 1912 - 1922 Thomas Pegg Furman 1924 - 1927 W. M. Stockall 1933 - 1934 H. E. Wilkinson 1935 - 1936 R. Hudson 1937 - 1938 W. H. Burbury 1939 - 1940 W. F. Allinson 1946 - 1962 Edward D. Steppings 1982 Martin McKeown


to 1899 Ratliff 1899 - 1924 Phillips and Marriott from 1924 Bass
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