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Trafalgar Arms, 51 Trafalgar Street

Alternative Addresses:18 Trafalgar Street
Trafalgar Arms The Trafalgar Arms. Note the three storey weavers cottages with the large workshop windows. Cape Trafalgar is a headland on the Atlantic coast of Cadiz, near the strait of Gibraltar. It was here on 21st October 1805 that Lord Nelson achieved a magnificent victory over the Franco-Spanish fleet, ending Napoleon's sea power and the threat of invasion, but at the cost of his own life. In 1935 this was a Flowers house and was reputed to serve the best pint of Guiness in the Midlands. It has been said that the cellars of the Trafalgar were located beneath the course of, or at least in close proximity of the River Sherbourne, which kept the beer at a constant temperature all year round.


1861 - 1881 James Bateman butcher & publican 1886 Joseph Chetwynd 1890 - 1896 J. Ludford 1903 - 1905 C. J. Slade 1909 Helen Slade 1911 - 1913 A. Jephcott 1919 - 1934 Frank Rollason 1935 - 1940 P. H. Grady
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