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Wagon and Horses, 14 Sherbourne Street

Goods were carried all over the country by horse-drawn waggons before the coming of the railways. Many inns acted as agents and goods could be left there for sending on or for collection by local people. Wagons and horses continued to be a familiar sight in most areas as they carried goods or farm produce over short distances. c1900 this pub was leased by Phillips and Marriott for £15 per annum from W. Walton, Priory Street, Coventry. In the same year the lease was sold to W. Rowe. The pub was closed and compensated in 1907. It actually closed for business on 30th December that year.


1850 - 1851 Edward Eaves victualler & farmer 1861 - 1868 Ann Eaves 1871 Samuel Truslove 1874 G. Whittaker 1879 - 1881 Edward Eaves 1886 H. Archer 1890 - 1891 J. Nichols 1893 Charles Fraggatt 1894 James Clapp 1900 Walter Johnson 1903 - 1905 Charles Millerchip 1906 - 1907 Chas Popper RAOB (Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes)* *Thanks to Colin Kirkham for additional information
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Wagon and Horses
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Wagon and Horses
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