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Wagon and Horses, 7 Well Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Well St 1930s Goods were carried all over the country by horse-drawn wagons before the advent of the railways. Many inns acted as agents and goods could be left there for sending onwards or for collection by the local people to whom they were addressed. Even after the arrival of the railways, wagons and horses continued to be a familiar sight in most areas as they carried goods or farm produce for short distances. In 1913 this pub was leased by Phillips and Marriott for £30 per annum. They purchased it c1914 for £1775 for the pub and one cottage with a further £120 for a second cottage. In 1929 the license was transferred to the Clarence Tavern, Earlsdon, whilst the license of the Victoria Vaults in Victoria Street was surrendered to facilitate this transfer.


1841 William Sheppard 1841 - 1851 Joseph Sheppard 1861 - 1874 Mrs. Mary Ann Sheppard 1879 John Smith 1886 - 1894 J. Killen 1896 Thomas Hennesey 1903 A. Morris 1905 - 1914 Charles Popper 1917 - 1919 Alfred James Chattaway 1920 - 1929 Charles Popper


c1914 - 1920 Phillips and Marriott
Wagon and Horses
Street plan of 1851
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