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Watchmakers Arms, 36 Spon Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
This pub was named from the local occupation. Our first reference is 1847 when the pub was to let. In 1899 it was purchased by Phillips and Marriott and valued at £3,250 including six cottages. In 1917 it was sold to Rudge Whitworth for £3,500 and closed. The Rudge Whitworth Cycle Works was built on the site. Note all the female licensees - six at least. 1881 Mrs. Margaret Weston (click for more info and photos).


1850 - 1851 William Jones 1856 Israel Cox 18** -1861 Thomas Hargraves 1861 - 1863 Jemima Coleman 1865 John and Jacob Bayliss 1868 J. Bayliss 1868 Reuben Deeming 1871 William Morton 1874 Samuel Russell 1879 Mrs. Mary Anne Holt 1881 Mrs. Margaret Weston 1886 - 1899 Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Anne Carter 1902 Walter Harry Barton 1903 - 1910 Sarah Ann Barton / Moyce 1910 - 1913 Stanley Moyce 1917 Miss Winifred Turner Thanks to Brian Patterson for additional information


to 1899 Emma Bayliss from 1899 Phillips & Marriott
Watchmakers Arms
Street plan of 1851
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