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White Horse, 49 East Street, Harnall Fields

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
The White Horse has been in use since the fifteenth century and os common because of its widespread use. It was the symbol of the Kings of Wessex and is the traditional emblem of Kent. A galloping white horse refers to the Hanovers and dates from the accession of George I in 1714. It is also used by several guilds, such as the Carmen, Coachmen, Farriers, Saddlers and Wheelwrights. These premises had a public house license from c1849. In 1859 this pub was previously referred to as the WEAVERS ARMS. It had a home brewery until c1925 and closed in November 1940, no doubt a victim of the blitz.


1861 - 1868 Henry Pepper 1874 Joseph Hitchens 1879 - 1886 Henry Hewitt 1890 - 1909 Arthur Mason 1911 - 1913 Mrs. Mary Ann Mason 1919 - 1924 Mrs. Lucy Overton 1926 - 1929 D. W. N. Mosley 1931 - 1938 M. H. Greenway 1939 - 1940 George Bonas BREWERS: to 1877 Joseph Hitchens 1877 - 1887 Henry Hewitt 1887 - 1906 Arthur Mason 1906 - 1910 Mrs Mary Ann Mason 1910 - 1923 Mrs Lucy Overton
White Horse
Street plan of 1851
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