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Woolpack, 45 St John Street

Alternative Addresses:Dead Lane
The woolpack is a large bale of wool prepared for carriage. It has a weight of 240 pounds. In 1790 the pub was to let and in 1801 it was used for auctions. One of the most notable prize-fighters in the city was Bob Randle who kept the pub from c1835 to c1851. The pub was owned by the Albion Brewery from 1900 to 1907 with four cottages. It was let at an annual rent of £50 including the cottages. It was later owned by Phipps of Northampton but the rent had gone down to £48 10s. The pub closed in 1929 on the payment of compensation but the building was not demolished until 21st December 1962 to make way for the London Road section of the ring road.


1822 - 1823 James Woodcock 1835 - 1851 Robert Randle 1861 John Barnwell 1868 William Hobley 1874 J. Lamb 1879 William Strong 1881 Z. Wheatley 1886 - 1891 G. Shuttleworth 1893 - 1896 Thomas Ludgate 1900 - 1909 John Twigger 1911 - 1912 Mrs. Twigger 1912 - 1913 A. T. Wills 1919 - 1922 William Henry Timms 1924 - 1929 F. Timms
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