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Woolpack, 149 Spon Street

Alternative Addresses:149 Spon End
Woolpack Inn Spon St Old The woolpack is a large bale of wool prepared for carriage. It has a weight of 240 pounds. In 1756 four soldiers were billeted here and in 1767 the pub was advertised for sale. In 1779 there was a curious advertisement in Jobsons Coventry Mercury. It was for a substitute to serve with the 6th Royal Warwickshire Regiment of Foot, about 5' 7" tall, to apply to Mr Thomas Dawson at the Woolpack in Spon St., Coventry. This is how the draft was dodged in those days! In 1830 it was to let and comprised a bar, kitchen, parlour, four lodging rooms, a large club room, extensive cellaring, a brewhouse, two-stall stable with store room over and piggeries. In 1891 Phillips and Marriott leased the pub from R. Parker of 17 Church Street, Hereford. In 1907 they purchased it for £1,000. In 1906 the fact that a suspect was playing darts in the Woolpack at the time was used as an alibi in the Stoke Park murders.
Woolpack Inn Spon St In 1960 the Woolpack 'stands sedately on its own in defiance of Hitler's bombs, as the property on either side was entirely demolished and the inn itself was very badly damaged'. Before the damage was repaired, the pub was propped up at each end. The front was also renovated, including new windows. It was an old coaching inn and some of the bedrooms in 1960 were formerly stables. It was said to contain a well laid out bar, delightful smoke room and large club room. It closed on 31st May 1970.


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