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City, 35 Smithford Street (Dell, Suffolk)

Address:35 Smithford Street
Became:Old Baths Hotel
These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18291835BATH HOTEL
Old Baths Hotel Situated at 35 Smithford Street, the Old Baths Hotel, which is known to have existed at least 75 years before this picture was taken, finally closed when Smithford Street was redeveloped. Mr. H. Hewitt is seen here proudly standing in front of his premises; the sign above advertising his noted home brewed ales, at 3d, 4d, 5d & 6d per quart. These premises were used by carriers conveying passengers to and from Allesley and Meriden. Good stabling was also offered, the entrance to the yard at the rear of the premises being seen to the left. Established in 1829 as the BATH HOTEL, from 1835 the premises becomes more associated with Wine and Spirit Merchants. In an 1866 directory No 35 Smithford Street is occupied by John Dell, dealer in Wines and Spirits. From 1865 to 1883 it is called the BOARD, and in 1880 to 1882 it is occupied by Charles Reynolds Mattocks, a Wholesale Wine & Spirit Merchant. In 1883 it is the OLD BATHS WINE AND SPIRIT VAULTS before becoming simply the OLD BATHS HOTEL from c1886. In 1911 the licensee, Henry Hewitt, went into partnership with Frederick Kerby to manufacture motorcycles. The Roulette Cycle Company had premises at 84 Gosford Street and motorcycle manufacture ended with the Great War in 1914 when the company concentrated on bicycles until closing in 1919. In 1931 and 1932 the hotel advertised 'prime ales; choice wines and spirits'. It closed on 31st May 1951 to make way for the Precinct. The license was transferred to the Silver Sword.


1861 John Dell Wine merchant 1871 Henry Suffolk
City, 35 Smithford Street (Dell, Suffolk)
Street plan of 1851
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