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Black Dog, 10 Cook Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
18081845RED HORSE
18501854BLACK DOG
The 'Black Dog of Arden' was Guy Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, in the early fourteenth century. He was one of those who plotted to kill Pier Gaveston, favourite of Edward II, in 1312. There is also a Black Dog in Southam. In 1854 it was the site of very dramatic events. Nelson Webb, aged 22 years, and his wife Eliza, aged 25, had both, until shortly before the event, occupied the Black Dog Inn in Silver Street. However, Nelson was aware that Eliza had married him bigamously, already having a husband in America. Webb's business affairs were not going well either, so he left the Back Dog and the license previously in his hands was transferred to a relative of his wife called Thompson. Webb's existence was unsettled but his wife remained at the Black Dog. One day in April, Nelson Webb entered the Black Dog and asked his wife for a glass of ale. She refused him upon which he drew a pistol and shot her dead. By 1856 it had become the PRINCE OF WALES. Old Tower Inn Cook St
Cook Street 1910.


to c1728 James Powney 1850 Edward Nelson to May 1852 William Eaves from May 1852 James Butcher 1854 Nelson Webb 1854 ? Thompson
Black Dog
Street plan of 1851
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