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Board Vaults, 37 Cross Cheaping

Ironmonger Row 1935 37 Cross Cheaping. Board means 'to board intoxicating liquor'. In some cases the need for a premises to have 'a board', that is a sign board, suggested this name as some places did in fact display a blank board. However, in this case, the Board identified a person sellling beer from their home; in other words a beerhouse under the 1839 Beerhouse Act, the real origin of the 'public house'. The directory entries for 1931 to 1934 proclaim 'Ernest Hall, late of Coventry City F.C., noted for the best in ales, wines and spirits'. These premises closed in c1936.
Also referred to as Cross Cheaping Vaults.


LICENSEES: (BOARD VAULTS) 1850 - 1861 William Moon Wine & spirit dealer 1868 Thomas H. Spencer 1874 M. H. Spencer 1879 - 1886 Benjamin Oldfield 1890 - 1891 C. H. Laxton 1893 W. Owen 1894 Mrs F. L. Chatland 1896 W. F. Lane 1903 - 1905 Matthew G. Davis 1909 T. J. Kelly 1911 - 1912 Thomas Essex 1912 - 1913 Mrs A. Essex 1919 William Henry Yates 1921 - 1924 D. Marlow 1926 - 1927 T. L. Silvester 1929 - 1934 Ernest Hall 1935 - 1936 H. R. Rollins
Board Vaults
Street plan of 1851
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Board Vaults
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Board Vaults
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